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Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews

The following reviews, testimonials and endorsements have been submitted by satisfied clients for the services offered by bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys at Atlas Law Firm in Minnesota. Our bankruptcy lawyers have been helping those in debt file for bankruptcy, taking the burden off them. To schedule your Free Initial consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys, call now!

“Filing for bankruptcy seems like an overwhelming and scary task. Michael Sheridan made the process as simple and stress free as humanly possible. He keeps you informed every step of the way, makes sure you thoroughly understand all of your options and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.”


“I think Michael Sheridan is truly a decent guy who genuinely wants to help people. Very capable at what he does. Everyone at Atlas was great. 5 stars from me. They helped me get back on my feet in a kind, caring, and professional manner and at a reasonable price. Thanks for the help Atlas!!!.”

John F.

“You could read all these reviews but save yourself some time and just call for your free consultation. After meeting with Michael you’ll know there’s no one better to represent you.”

Lucas G.

“I used Atlas Law Firm to handle my bankruptcy Micheal did a fantastic job from start to finish. He answered every question I had and then some. I would most definitely recommend Atlas to handle your bankruptcy.”

Linc H.

“I would definitely recommend Michael Sheridan at Atlas Law Firm. He was wonderful to work with. He was very knowledgeable and walks you through each step of the process.”


“Michael went above and beyond to help me with a very difficult situation. Very professional and personal service. I would not hesitate for a second to have a family member or friend call him.”

CJ Edina

“We went through another lawyer who recommended is to do chapter 13. One and half years later and 20,000 paid back plus 5,000 for lawyers we moved couldn’t afford payments any more we were removed from program. Went to see Atlas law firm he was amazed the lawyer did not have us file Chapter 7!

Went to atlas law firm in December filed in January discharged in May!!

I highly recommend Michael Sheridan!!”

Jerry & Charlotte

“Michael Sheridan was a great lawyer in my time of need. Bankruptcy is a horrible place to be financially and for me, was a horrible place to be emotionally. Michael treated me with dignity and respect. He was amazing to work with through the years of my Chapter 13. I recommend him and Atlas Law firm without reservations.”


“I was in a stress lost my car and was about to loss every thing I own. A friend refer me to Michael Sheridan the moment I explain to him what going on. He was so helpful and was up to date communicate on emails sometimes he called me. I got my life back thanks to him I would recommend anyone to use him.”


“Michael Sheridan and Atlas Law Firm made the bankruptcy process very smooth and painless. As you know bankruptcy can seem very scary and a lot of things associated with bankruptcy can be confusing, Michael made the process very simple and straight forward. He explained things in terms I could understand and was very helpful. I had been to another bankruptcy firm prior to retaining Atlas Law firm and I didn’t feel comfortable with their fees or their process they were going to charge me nearly twice the amount that Atlas charges for a simple straight forward bankruptcy and they were not helpful at all with regards to my creditors, I felt as though I would be doing all of the leg work for them while they sat back and collected a fee. Michael and Atlas on the other hand were the complete opposite they were extremely helpful and they handled things with my creditors for me. If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy I would highly recommend Atlas Law Firm.”

Missy H.

“Atlas Law Firm was excellent and make the problems of this legal entity seem marginal at best.”


“Good service and fast”


“I was very happy with Atlas Law Firm and Michael Sheridan as my attorney. I found him to be very knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and easy to work with. I especially appreciated his willingness to work with me on a payment plan for the fees, which no other firm was willing to do. He made sure that all details were covered and that I could move on without any worries. I would highly recommend Mr. Sheridan and his firm to family and friends without hesitation.”

A Happy Client

“Mike is great with walking you through the process of bankruptcy and really being there for you every step if the way. Some factory style law firms will treat you like a transaction, but Mike really is there for you and helps you out. Have totally sent many people his way as well.”

Mike D.

“Michael Sheridan made a challenging and hard situation as smooth and easy as possible. He looked at the entire picture, and was skilled at taking me through my bankruptcy step by step. Michael made it seamless, understandable and as stress-free as possible, as well.

I have recommended him and Atlas Law Firm over the past years and continue to do so. Those that I have suggested Michael Sheridan to have been equally as pleased. He is THE BEST attorney for any bankruptcy situation. I continue to be so happy that I chose Atlas!”

Annette C.

“Things were always well explained and the responses to any questions were very prompt.

Extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable.

You’re in good hands!”


“When dealing with an unfortunate event in our life I couldn’t have asked for better support and honesty, Michael was professional and supportive. He always kept us informed on where things were going in our case. He pointed out things we wouldn’t have thought of to make sure we were getting a fair settlement. Thank you!!”

Amanda G.

“Michael Sheridan was very professional non-judgmental helpful in every way possible during a very stressful and trying time which was extremely important.”

Mark K.

“Choosing Atlas Law firm to handle my bankruptcy case was one of the best decisions I made. Michael Sheridan was extremely helpful and understanding of my situation. Once I gave Michael the facts and details regarding my situation he was extremely knowledgeable and reassured me on the process. My case was not the usual bankruptcy case but Michael was always there to let me know what was going on and what the next steps were going to be. After my case was settled I was never happier that I chose Atlas Law Firm and Michael Sheridan to represent me.”


“I previously hired a well-advertised bankruptcy lawyer from St. Louis Park. After nine months of providing consult and information gathering I was ready to file bankruptcy, instead I received a letter stating that there were facts in my case that made it difficult and that my lawyer was no longer willing to proceed. I sought a second opinion from Michael Sheridan and explained my situation and facts in detail. From my initial consult with Michael he was very clear and straightforward about bankruptcy law and how it applied to my individual situation, and what my legal rights and options were. I stated my objectives and timeline, he listened and was able to quickly and skillfully devise and advise a bankruptcy plan and confidently execute it. Michael was very accessible and communicated in a straightforward and timely manner. I would highly recommend Michael Sheridan to my friends or family!”

A Satisfied Client

“My lawyer name was Mike. Great guy… loved him. I could ask him anything and tell him anything. He got things done quick and was VERY professional about it.”

Rachelle P.

“Without Atlas Law Firm I would have lost my home and property which has been family owned for over the last 100 years.

They were always up front with costs and did what they said they were going to do.( What more can you ask for these days).

I will always tell my friends or family to use Michael Sheridan with Atlas Law Firm.

I was also impressed by the amount of phone calls and emails with questions I had along the way and how I was not charged or taken advantage of at the end of our case with Atlas Law Firm.

Thank you for helping us.

We are now on the right track again.”

Mike V.

“I had a very smooth experience. The firm was very helpful and patient towards me. Explained everything in detail, was there whenever I had any questions. Overall I have a good experience with my case and would recommend anyone who are looking to use Atlas Law Firm.”

A Satisfied Client

“I used Michael Sheridan’s services to help me with filing for bankruptcy. He made the entire experience clear and comfortable. I always knew what to expect for the next step, and it was easy to provide him with the information that he required. I felt confident throughout the process that everything would go smoothly and was never disappointed. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.”

Rich B.

“Honestly couldn’t have ask for anything more was very well taken care of. Went above and beyond my expectations would recommend to anyone.”


“I had to file for bankruptcy and I had a ton of questions and wasn’t sure what needed to be done, was this the right choice, how would my credit look after this, how do I rebuild? Mike took the time to talk with me about each question and make me feel comfortable about what I needed to do. He is kind, caring and professional. I appreciate his help and so will you.”

Mahamed S. A.

“I would recommend Mr. Sheridan to anyone. He was very willing to answer all my questions promptly and I felt he was quite personable and professional.”

Leslie D.

“Michael Sheridan was my attorney for my bankruptcy case. He was patient and listened to my situation. The bankruptcy process was thoroughly explained and then I was given my options. All the fees for the process were made known at the beginning of the process so there weren’t any unexpected fees. I highly recommend Atlas Law Firm.”


“Bankruptcy isn’t an easy decision to make but thanks to our attorney at Atlas Law Firm, we were well informed every step of the way. We were treated with respect and received the support we needed to get through a difficult time.”


“Michael was really easy to work with and took all the stress off of me. His explanations were clear and he works very quickly. I am most impressed by his turn around time to respond whenever I had a question. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”


“The upfront pricing helps in planning a transparent experience.”

P. H.

“I really did fell that Mr. Sheridan gave me 100% effort and attention. I had a ton of questions and I made many many calls to him that were all answered. He really put a lot of time into my case and I really appreciate that. I have since referred many people his way and would refer him to any friends or family that needed his help.”

A Satisfied Client

“I like to do my research — I’ve had my fair share of bad business experiences, in the past. Customer service is everything! Michael never ceased to amaze me! I had two initial consults, my first w/ another local firm — it was fast, brief and impersonal, my second and LAST consult was w/ Michael — before my consult was even over, I knew I would choose him! I’m talking, first visit we were already talking numbers!! Furthermore, he’s affordable and offers multiple payment options/methods. I never EVER had to work w/ ANYONE else, JUST Michael — no paralegals, no assistants! He returns calls & e-mails promptly! This is a man that KNOWS his stuff, hands down! I’ve already referred a friend of mine w/ very different circumstances and he’s had nothing but wonderful things to say, as well! You won’t be disappointed!”


“Michael did and an amazing job helping me with my case. He is very knowledgeable and was there every step of the way to help and answer questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Lucanus L.

“Mike is a great he always got back to me on any questions I had right away.”

Thomas T.

“My bankruptcy process was seamless thanks to knowledgeable representation. Would highly recommend this firm.”

Laura J.

“The attorney we used was very personable. Never felt like we failed by having to file.”


“Michael was excellent helping me through my bankruptcy. I felt like he was taking care of everything and had considered all issues, and was patient with the many, many questions I had during the process. And now, even a couple years later, I recently asked Michael a couple questions and he was happy to answer them for me.”

Bob T.

“Michael Sheridan and Atlas Law Firm went beyond the norm in helping me through the bankruptcy process from beginning to end. I highly recommend him if you want to make a very difficult transition as comfortable as possible!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Michael from day 1 was honest and out for my best interests. I had met with other lawyers who only seem to care about the money. I would recommend anyone going through a bankruptcy to call Atlas law firm before choosing a lawyer his rate is reasonable he’s personable and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Michael for everything.”


“After meeting many different bankruptcy attorneys in the twin-cities and the metro area; I finally came across Atlas Law firm. And after reading the client’s review, I had the luck to sit and discuss my complicated case with Mr. Sheridan. I was honestly surprised how knowledgeable, honest, and patient Mr. Sheridan was at the time of the meeting. unlike other attorneys, He listened to me very attentively and patiently explained my case piece by piece and the whole process in detail. After carefully evaluating his competency, honest, knowledge and professionalism; I finally decided to have Mr. Sheridan handle my case. And After 3 months my debt was completely discharged. Mr. Sheridan is easy a good communicator and his price is very reasonable. I am very happy and proud of your work Michael. That was absolutely commendable! And You are absolutely a great Attorney. I would recommend everyone who is looking for a bankruptcy attorney.”

Ridwan A.

“Never had a better experience. I felt at ease with the entire process. All my questions were answered promptly and even after hours! I would and have recommended Atlas Law Firm to friends and family.”


“We had a great experience using Mr. Sheridan, after many sleepless nights and financial worry he helped us get through a rough time. He let us know what to expect during the entire process during our first meeting. He was there for us through every step and answered every question in a very timely manner.

We would recommend him for sure if you are having financial struggles.”


“Working with Michael was fantastic. He helped me answer any question that I had. Thank you!”


“Mike Sheridan is the best!”

Bradley L.

“Michael Sheridan is the best Attorney and I would recommend him to ALL my family and friends. He is patient, understanding and makes you feel that you are not alone. He made my stressful situation as easy to deal with as possible and was there to answer ALL my questions. I have full confidence in him and made the best choice in choosing Michael Sheridan to represent me.”

Lee A.

“We had, what I would call not a typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It wasn’t the most complicated one, but we knew it wasn’t the easiest. Our Attorney Michael Sheridan made us feel very comfortable. He was very exemplary in explaining what was going on with our case and where it stood as it went through the stages.

When there was a “hic-cup” towards the end, (at no fault of our Attorney) he once again walked us through and told us what would possibly suffice the Judge. He was correct and we got the Discharge Notification shortly afterwards.
We had a previous Attorney who did nothing for us. I didn’t even get any of my Legal Notifications. When I called around I found expensive and arrogant Law Firms. Not once did I have any issues with Atlas Law Firm.”

L. W.

“I found Michael Sheridan through an online search for bankruptcy attorneys. He made time to answer all my questions over the phone before hiring him. We arranged to meet over a couple days out, where he laid out the whole process and what is expected of him and the client during this process. Very reasonable rates to take on his services. The entire process from file to discharge was entirely professional and Courteous. He responds very quickly to calls and emails, and his personality is one of a kind. I highly recommend Michael to handle your case to the best of his knowledge and Abilities. Thank you again for getting me through this difficult financial period in my life.”

Anthony C.

“I unfortunately ran into some financial problems and hired Michael Sheridan to handle my bankruptcy. I also had a business involved so it was a mess needless to say. Michael made it a very simple process. I would highly recommend his firm to handle your attorney needs. Thanks again.”

Jon L.

“My bankruptcy seemed to be a little bit difficult because of the pay ratio. Michael Sheridan looked at many different angles to make sure that it would happen for me though. I admit it was a little bit of a nail biter seeing if the 7 would go through but Michael never seemed to be deterred and stayed with the bankruptcy until it was finished. He was always able and willing to answer my questions throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Michael Sheridan if you need help with a bankruptcy no matter the circumstances.”


“Michael Sheridan is a professional, courteous, knowledgeable, down-to-earth person. He made dealing with an extremely stressful situation easier than I thought possible. I got an appointment right away, he was always quick to answer emails, & the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend him!”

Jayna G.

“Helped me through the whole process. Answered all my questions before I filed and continued to help until the discharge.

Highly recommend, fees were extremely reasonable.

Highly recommend Michael!”

Greg S.

“Very Knowledgeable and we always received a prompt response when we had questions or concerns. Went to bat for us when dealing with IRS issues.”

Ed & Lisa B.

“Mike was thorough, provided timely information and kept me on track for a successful legal outcome and I appreciated his help.

You will be glad you chose him as your attorney.”

Rob S.

“Michael was always prompt in reply to questions. Very understanding in a difficult situation.”

Ann B.

“I can’t express how well Michael did his job. He was available EVERY time I needed his help and made the entire process as easy as could be expected for such a difficult time in my life. I have recommended him several times already and will continue to do so. Thank you!!”

Shawn N.

“Michael Sheridan made a difficult and confusing process as painless as possible. From the first consultation we knew we made the right choice for our representation. We were treated with respect and competence. He took care of everything and left us with no worries throughout the process. Highly recommended for anyone in this situation.”

Mike & Lisa S.

“What person of integrity ever wants to file bankruptcy? I certainly didn’t. But I found myself pinned against the wall and in the corner by just one vendor after my business failed. I’d managed to keep paying on my debt for almost 3 years when one vendor was no longer willing to play softball and insisted on playing hardball. This put me in an untenable situation and bankruptcy seemed like the only way out. I checked out several “bankruptcy law firms” and felt like I was dealing with charlatans, not someone who cared about me, my circumstances, my sense of shame at even considering bankruptcy. Then in an on line search I found Atlas Law Firm and Mike Sheridan. From the moment I met him I felt comfortable. I felt like he listened to me and empathized with my discomfort at considering bankruptcy. In that initial meeting he asked really good questions, articulated potential options and set me on a path to prepare for this legal process. I felt as if I had a wise partner willing to guide me through what seemed like very perilous waters to me. Mike was there every step of the way including after the court proceedings. I highly recommend Mike both for his legal skill and his ability to understand and empathize with me through what was a very difficult decision process. If you should find yourself in similar circumstances to mine you will find the perfect advocate in Mike Sheridan.”

A Satisfied Client

“Patient and quick to get information to me. I would recommend his services to my friends and family. Thank you”

Serisa J.

“Michael Sheridan was great when working with us. He answered every question even if it seemed that we asked the same questions. He explained anything we didn’t understand and went above and beyond. We are happy that Michael helped us and definitely would refer anyone to Michael. Thank you”

A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Michael Sheridan is excellent!”

A Satisfied Client

“I would recommend atlas law firm to anybody looking to file bankruptcy. I talked to three different lawyers and I felt mike was the easiest to work with. He was very good at explaining my options to me and helping me through this process. If you want a helpful, professional, easy to work with lawyer. Go with atlas law firm. You will not be disappointed!”


“Mike is an amazing individual! He has gone out of his way time and again to answer any questions my wife and I have had. He has been available anytime we needed to have an issue resolved or document provided. We give him 5 stars!”


“I highly recommend Mike Sheridan. He is very knowledgeable, caring and dedicated. He cares a lot about each of his clients and always works to provide the best options for each of his clients’ unique situations. He is great to work with and is able to provide each client dedicated time, so they feel comfortable with their options and are able to ask all the questions they need to. It is very evident that it is important to Attorney Mike Sheridan at Atlas Law Firm to spend time with each client to ensure their needs are met at no extra charge. All bankruptcy cases are quoted at one flat fee, so there is no worry that additional charges will accrue as a client has more questions that pop-up during the process. Just ask Mike and he’ll help you understand everything throughout the process. Again, I highly recommend Mike as your Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney. You’ll enjoy working with him and you can trust he’ll properly file your case and be able to save all your qualifying assets.”


“I recently had the pleasure of having Michael Sheridan assist me with my Ch. 7 process. He was superb! How many times does one get to say that about an attorney. He truly helped to make a typically painful process much less painful. He is extremely knowledgeable, sincere, and attentive. Wish I could use him for all of my legal needs.”


“Forget the 5 star rating, Mr. Sheridan deserves a perfect 10! List is long as to why I would recommend him for anyone going through a bankruptcy proceeding: free initial consultation, knowledge of the law, professionalism, empathy with client, flexible payment schedules, punctual, respectful, and just an all-around nice guy to work with. Not sure of what to do in terms of your financial situation? My recommendation: pick up the phone and call Atlas Law today! P.S. forgot to mention that the other great thing is that Atlas Law is not a “bankruptcy factory”. You receive Michael’s full personal attention every step of the way in your filing. No “handoffs” to paralegals, etc.”

A Satisfied Client

“I appreciate so much his caring and ability to work with me on any question I had before I filed my case. He didn’t try to push me into it, he explained my options and has worked with me to get my case completed, filed and now discharges all along providing advice without making me feel as If I was a loser. I have and will continue to refer Mr. Sheridan to others who need a great attorney to assist them in this emotional financial decision and process.”

A Satisfied Client

“Superb attorney. Always answered my questions in a timely manner even years after working with him he’d respond quick to my questions regarding my file. He is very genuine and wants the best for you.”

A Satisfied Client

“My experience with Atlas law firm was great! Michael Sheridan guided me through the entire bankruptcy process and answered my questions thoroughly. I would definitely recommend this law firm.”


“Michael works alone, and handles all his clients. (smart). He works out of a pooled office complex. (smart). Keeps his overhead down this way (smart) which keeps his fee’s for you down as well (smart). His lower fees are not indication of a lack of knowledge or wisdom to be sure. He knows the process well, very detailed and in keeping you on task and he doesn’t waste anyone’s time. He never makes you feel less than, but a partner in the process. Failure will be in your court. Just make sure you have all your paperwork in order for him and the process will go very quickly and smooth. As he came highly recommended, we do the same for others. Great experience through a trying time for everyone.”


“I had a wonderful experience using Atlas Law Firm. Michael Sheridan did an amazing job helping me through a bankruptcy I filed due to a divorce. Along with his great service was a welcoming office, and friendly staff. I have recommended the services of this office to friends, and will continue to do so.”


“Michael Sheridan was recommended to me by a co-worker. Michael is a very friendly guy and great to work with. He made the entire process of filing bankruptcy very easy. He always kept me informed as to what was going on and if anything else was needed. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him. His prices were also lower than other attorneys which helped, considering my situation.”


“My husband and I filed chapter 13 in North Carolina in December 2013, we moved to help our daughter to MN to help her with her daughter, so we had a decrease in our incomes, and could not keep up with the payment, so we were kicked out of program.

$5,000 paid to the lawyer and nothing had really been resolved after a year and a half. In December of 2014, we spoke to Michael Sheridan with Atlas Law Firm, and he was amazed that the lawyer in North Carolina had not told us to file Chapter 7.

After talking to him for 10 minutes I could tell that he cared and understood what we were feeling. We wasted a lot of time and money with the other lawyer. Michael filed our case on January 5th, went to court on February 2nd, our case was discharged as of April 6th. Michael did what we wanted done in in less than 5 months. Please, don’t hesitate to call Michael, I wish I had known him long before this, I can actually sleep at night for the first time in years.

Thank you Michael Atlas Law Firm”


“We first learned about Atlas Law when we heard Michael Sheridan on a local radio program. We had so many questions and he was nice enough to take the time to talk to us many times within the year, even before we decided to hire him to help us.

Michael is very knowledgeable and professional. He guided us through from start to finish. Call him for a free consultation. I highly recommend him to help you.”


“Thank you so much for all your help with our file. Keith and I truly appreciate your hard work. We can’t wait to start the new year knowing a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders thanks to you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of a bankruptcy lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“I worked with Michael to get through a complicated bankruptcy, in which I had many questions. He was patient and was there through the whole process explaining, and sometimes re-explaining everything! Very much appreciated and valued the help.”


“In the midst of a lengthy divorce I needed to move forward with filing for bankruptcy. A friend referred me to Michael Sheridan at Atlas Law Firm. He kept me in the loop through the entire process which helped greatly to reduce the stress surrounding filing. In the end I was very happy with my choice of attorney, and have recommended his services to several friends considering filing. If you are looking for someone to give you clear & concise information regarding the bankruptcy process I highly recommend Michael Sheridan.”


“Michael Sheridan was professional and knowledgeable. Any questions we had he returned an email or phone call promptly. He really helped us through this time where we felt like failures. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to us as a family. It’s important to have someone who truly cares and is compassionate when going through something like this. Thanks Michael.”


“Michael was so easy to work with and made my challenging and difficult situation easier to deal with. He was always available for questions and helpful when my life situation changed. I would recommend Michael to help you in your situation. I cannot thank him enough for all of his guidance.”


“Mr. Sheridan was very supportive in my case. Very wonderful to work with. Made our time very productive and helped me through the entire process and very accessible and flexible to work with my schedule, I would recommend him to everyone and have recommended him to others. Not a pushy attorney and will lay it out what the options are and let you decide what YOU want to do. I would give him a 10 on scale of 1 to 10.”


“After the sad event of having to close my business, I was left with so much debt that bankruptcy was my best and only real option. I dreaded the process. I saw one attorney who was not the least bit helpful. I was fortunate to discover Mike Sheridan. After a phone call, I was hopeful and attended my first session. My bankruptcy was handled professionally, carefully, ethically and with compassion. All of my concerns and questions were effectively addressed and in excellent timing. I felt I was in competent and skilled hands, and eventually, the day arrived when my bankruptcy was completed. All along the way, I knew Mike was doing a fabulous job. I have not hesitated to recommend Mike Sheridan to those needing his services since and will continue to do so. I cannot imagine this process being handled any more competently or professionally. 5 stars for Atlas Law Firm and Mike Sheridan”


“Michael Sheridan makes the process for filing for bankruptcy easier and more stress-free than I could have imagined. When you are looking at filing, your life will inevitably be in a less than an ideal state and rife with stress. Michael gives you one less thing to worry about. He explained each step of the process clearly and concisely to me. I felt secure having him represent me at my legal meetings. Filing was something that I put off for a long time, but after completing the process with Michael, I wonder what took me so long. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for honest, down-to-earth representation.”


“We had met with a lawyer before we met with Mike Sheridan. After two meetings with this ‘other’ lawyer, we still did not understand the process. So, after speaking to a few people we were referred to Mike. Mike explained everything in detail and handled our case like we were his only client. He always made sure we understood everything and returned any call or email we had right away. He went out of his way to make sure everything was done accurately and timely, which meant a lot to us. I would recommend him to everyone.”


“Michael Sheridan was there for us when our previous attorney said nothing could be done. His knowledge of the Bankruptcy laws and his professionalism were reassuring and calming. Mr. Sheridan was concerned about us and our situation as human beings rather than strictly as “clients.” He completed our filing in a minimal amount of time and did a thorough job which was reflected in our non-eventful creditors hearing. We would recommend him to anyone desiring representation with dignity when processing their Bankruptcy.”


“Is concerned about detail, keeps us up to date on progress. Very professional and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Michael to our friends and family.”

A Satisfied Client

“One of the best around. He takes one’s problem seriously as his own. Mr. Sheridan is so professional and so knowledgeable of the law. Very outstanding, you will never regret choosing him.”


“In searching for a lawyer to help me with my bankruptcy, I looked into several different firms and lawyers. I must say, the vast majority of the folks that I initially met with were not very helpful, not personable, and just seemed to be going through standard protocol. When I first met with Michael, I felt he was paying attention to me, was aware of the subtleties of my individual case, and knew bankruptcy law much better than everyone else with which I met (there were things that we had talked about at our first meeting that no other lawyer even mentioned). He made the process very clear, was thorough, and very upfront about everything. Yes, there was a lot of stuff to put together on my end, but Michael was great at e-mailing, providing me specific details about what I needed to send to him, and was generally very helpful throughout the whole process. Michael’s explanation of the process, from beginning to end, was very clear and everything that happened went just as he predicted. There were no surprises and things went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who is considering the bankruptcy process.”


“Mike made a difficult situation easy: I had met with another attorney about bankruptcy and he basically talked at me for 30 minutes and pushed me out the door before answering any questions. Mike is completely different. He took time to explain how bankruptcy works, what I could expect and answered my questions. I was very stressed with all of my debt, but after talking with Mike, I felt like the situation was manageable. My case is complete and Mike helped solve my debt problems and made the process easy.”

A Satisfied Client

“Grateful: I am not sure anyone is prepared for this process, but Michael handled it with professionalism and kindness. He was easy to contact and communicate with and made the process much less difficult. I so appreciate his attention to detail and proper legal handling of my case.”


“Chapter 7 Legal Support: We really needed a strong attorney with bankruptcy experience and an eye for creativity. Our situation was a little unique and tricky, so we needed more than just a $750 “quick bankruptcy”. Michael did a great job and kept us calm even when the chips were down.”

A Satisfied Client

“Chapter 7 bankruptcy: I met Mike and another attorney at a very confusing and frightening time of my life. Mike was calming and knowledgeable and explained the legal ramifications of my situation. After retaining his services he was helpful and patient with all my questions. He always returned my calls and emails promptly, I would not hesitate to recommend him. He is a completely professional and compassionate attorney and he is there when you need him.”


“Great Attorney: Thank you, Michael, for all of your help and concern and for guiding us through this process. You made this process a lot more comfortable than we expected it to be. We highly recommend your services and professionalism.”

Michael & Kelly

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