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What is a Clerk’s Office?

In Minnesota, there are four offices you can visit in Duluth, Fergus Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you've been considering filing bankruptcy in Carver, Ramsey, Anoka or St. Paul, you've doubtless come across the term “Clerk's Office.” Still, you may not be fully aware about what kinds of services are available to the public at these locations. The main function of the Clerk's Office staff is to support the court by: • Collecting authorized fees • Entering judgments and orders • Issuing process and writs • Maintaining case-related documents • Sending notices • Setting hearings • Signing ministerial orders.… Read More

Anoka County residents can find bankruptcy information at the Minneapolis Clerk’s Office

At the Atlas Law Firm, we provide our comprehensive legal consultation and representation to Anoka County. In a recent piece on this blog, we profiled Clerk's Offices, departments of the District of Minnesota's U.S. Bankruptcy Court that provide a host of beneficial services to state residents who are looking to find legal information. With Clerk's Offices in Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Fergus Falls, you can stop by the location nearest you between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to ask questions on state laws or to find a reputable credit counselor or bankruptcy lawyer. If you live… Read More

Bankruptcy can provide relief to scam victims

Forum News says that often, elderly individuals will attempt to wire money to friends and relatives, only to learn afterwards that these funds never arrived at their intended destination. On March 5, the Grand Forks Herald published a piece by Midwestern newswire Forum Communications News Service that discussed the impact of financial scams on the region's elder population. According to the report, a new bill is seeking to protect older Americans who may be at risk for fiscal scams. “These scams continue to be a growing problem and we need to do all that we can to combat them,” Rep.… Read More

Bankruptcy success stories: Overcoming the fear of filing

If you’re looking to start this process in Minnesota today, contact Atlas Law Firm. We can pair you with a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer who can help you overcome your fears so that your finances are no longer a source of frustration. When bankruptcy filings are done correctly, they have the power to help average Americans begin the path toward financial stability, stopping calls from creditors and halting the often vicious cycle of debt. However, despite the benefits, many individuals are scared to file due to the misconceptions that they hear about the process from friends, relatives and the media. USA… Read More

Are self-employed Minnesotans more likely to file for bankruptcy?

At Atlas Law Firm, you can find an Anoka, St. Paul or Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney who can help you come to the right decision, and through timely and calculated actions, assist you as you look to protect your credit and keep your business. Business owners are often risk-takers by nature. To start a business is to beat the odds, growing an idea from a seed into a fully flourishing plant. However, despite the success stories, many self-employed individuals and small business owners in Minnesota aren't able to fully realize even their best business ideas. Still, if you're looking to start… Read More

People with credit card debt more likely to forgo medical care, says study

According to a recent study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 58 percent of people who choose to forgo medical care have outstanding credit card or medical debt, indicating that individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties may be putting their own health at risk to avoid racking up additional bills. Sometimes, no matter how responsible you are with your money, unexpected events can occur that leave you struggling financially and unable to make your credit card payments. Once an individual falls into debt, emerging from it can seem like an insurmountable task, causing them to make difficult decisions… Read More

Bankruptcy success stories: Carol from Louisiana

By obtaining Minnesota bankruptcy information from a reputable source, you can be confident you’re taking the right steps toward a debt-free future. In recent articles, we've been profiling some of the many Americans who are able to overcome short-term and long-time financial issues with the help of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. For today's piece, we'd like to bring your attention to Carol, a mother from Louisiana who was able to keep her sick son with the help of court protection. Carol's story began when her son was 15 years old. At that time, he was in need… Read More

Minnesotans can own a home and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Experienced bankruptcy professionals can analyze your unique case, helping you make the right decisions that enable you to start fresh after a filing. In a recent article published by, the financial website's bankruptcy advisors answered a question submitted by a reader identified as Gil. Gil asked the source a common question that many Minnesota residents could benefit from knowing the answer to: Is it possible to own a home and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? According to Bankrate, the many financially struggling Americans who own a home can still seek protection through a Chapter 7 filing. The reason this… Read More

Bankruptcy success story stresses benefits of filing early

This story, written by Roger from Georgia for USA Bankruptcy Guide, an online resource for those looking for information about personal bankruptcy filings, illustrates how filing before it’s absolutely necessary can be extremely beneficial. In recent posts, we've highlighted stories of real Americans who have sought bankruptcy protection to overcome past debt and regain their financial footing. These stories help to eradicate common misconceptions that many Minnesota residents harbor about protective filings and showcase how, when used correctly, they can be an invaluable financial tool. This story, written by Roger from Georgia for USA Bankruptcy Guide, an online resource for… Read More

Minnesota business owner looks for “fresh start” with Chapter 7 filing

At the Atlas Law Firm, we specialize in providing Minnesota bankruptcy information to a variety of clients and have much experience handling the unique needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. On February 27, the Star-Tribune published a piece on Brian Winges, a 48-year-old entrepreneur who ran several senior care facilities in Minnesota and who recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The 205-page filing, which was made on February 14, is part of a plan by Winges to achieve financial security and ensure that all of his past business debts and personal liabilities are discharged. “He's looking to get a fresh… Read More

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