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U.S. Trustee’s Office releases updated bankruptcy means test numbers

The U.S. Trustee’s Office, which is the governmental agency that oversees the administration of bankruptcy cases, has released the latest numbers for means test qualifications used in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. The new numbers will to be used in all consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcies filed after November 1, 2017. Download Full Image The means test calculates gross annual income based on the previous six months of gross income for the household, to determine if an individual or couple qualifies for chapter 7 bankruptcy. The projected annual gross income is then measured against the Median Family Income for the… Read More

Slip And Fall Injuries And Workers’ Compensation: Everything You Need To Know

Slip and fall injuries are the most common types of workplace injuries, most often occurring n jobs such as construction. They pose an even greater danger during the winter, as the low temperatures cause the ground to freeze and become slippery. While there are preventive measures both employers and employees can take to prevent this, sometimes this type of injury is simply unavoidable. Additionally, these accidents are not only reserved for winter. They could happen any time of the year if the workplace is cluttered, if the floor is wet or if there’s spilled oil. For workers who experience a… Read More

What Role Do Insurance Companies Play In A Medical Malpractice Case?

Many people may be surprised to find that when they file a lawsuit against a medical professional, the insurance company will be the one who will most likely be dealing with the claim, rather than the medical professional that caused the injury to the patient. The medical professionals have very little involvement in medical malpractice cases. The insurance company of the medical professional will be the one in charge of hiring a lawyer to defend the medical professional that is being accused. If the plaintiff wins the case, it would be the medical professional’s insurance company that will have to… Read More

I Was Given Epidural For My C-Section And Now I Am Paralyzed On One Side, What Do I Do?

What is an epidural? An epidural is also known as a spinal block. An anesthesiologist will inject the patient on their back which will cause their lower-half of the body to become numb. The pregnant mother would not feel any pain, just the pulling sensation while the doctor makes an incision to take the baby out. This is a way that the mother can stay fully awake and aware of what’s going on and be able to see her baby come out, instead of being put to sleep. Although an epidural has its benefits, it can also create risks if… Read More

Filing For Bankruptcy Helped People Get Back On Their Feet After The Great Recession

John from North Carolina shared a story about his uncle, a furniture-store owner, who filed for bankruptcy in order to regain financial stability. The Great Recession resulted in many people across the United States being laid off from their jobs or losing the businesses that they had dedicated their lives to running. In an article featured on USA Bankruptcy Guide, an online resource for people who are considering filing for bankruptcy, John from North Carolina shared a story about his uncle, a furniture store owner, who filed for bankruptcy in order to regain financial stability. After realizing that he couldn't… Read More