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It's an important question: How much does it cost to file bankruptcy? So we've created this bankruptcy cost tool so you can understand what eliminating your debt will cost. Atlas Law Firm does this because we stand behind our bankruptcy lawyer fees as the most affordable, reasonable and inexpensive in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. Our bankruptcy fees are based on the amount of time and effort we estimate a case like yours will take to see through to its successful completion. Please note that in order to lock in your quote, you must schedule a free consultation, so that we may verify the information you provided is accurate. You will have the opportunity to schedule a free consultation through the website at the end of the quote form. Please also note that the bankruptcy fee quote provided to you assumes you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. To determine if you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will need to schedule a free consultation. Atlas Law Firm is a debt relief agency. We help people file bankruptcy to resolve their debts.

Are you Married?

What is your Annual Gross Household Income?
Enter the Gross Income for both spouses (If Married) even if only one spouse will be filing bankruptcy

Does anyone contribute to your monthly expenses?
Ex: roommate, relative, significant other, etc.

If so, how much is the Average Monthly Contribution?

Are you self-employed?

If so, do you currently own more than 1 business?

How many people live in your home including you?
Include spouses, significant others, children, roommates, relatives, etc.
Ex. You and spouse, choose 2.

Do you rent your home or pay a mortgage?
If you live with family or friends, select rent

If you own your home, what is the property tax assessed value or what do you think you could sell your home for?

What is the approximate balance of the mortgage?
If more than one mortgage add the balances of the mortgage together.

Do you own any other real estate besides your home?

Do you own any recreational vehicles?
Ex: Motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, Boats, etc.

How many automobiles and recreational vehicles total do you own?

How many of these automobiles and recreational vehicles have loans against them?

Are you a beneficiary under a trust or have you created any trusts?

Have you sold any large assets in the past 2 years?
Ex: Vehicles, Real Estate, Businesses, etc.
Do NOT include vehicles you traded in when purchasing a new vehicle.

If so, did you sell them to someone you knew, or someone you did not know?

If you sold the assets, did you sell them for what you could get for them or did you give the buyer a deal?

Do you owe any taxes?

If so, do you owe taxes for more than 1 tax year?

If so, are some of the tax returns still not filed by you?

We respect your privacy and will not share your information with a third party.

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