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Healthy eating can be part of a restricted budget

Those looking to eat healthy as food costs increase may want to note a recent release from the County of Anoka Office of Public Information.

With food prices increasing along with gas and other monthly expenses, many wonder how they can feed their families healthy food, while still making money available for mortgage, car, credit card and student loan payments.

Those who have made small sacrifices, like cutting costs anywhere possible and living within their means, as part of an effort to make sure they can meet their minimum monthly payments often do so at the expense of eating unhealthy, overly processed meals.

That's why families on a strict budget may want to note a recent release from the County of Anoka Office of Public Information, which served to remind all area residents that this March is National Nutrition Month.

The release, which was highlighted by local news outlets, included advice from Diane Graske of the Anoka County Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) that while simple, could help protect your monthly finances.

According to Graske, the easiest way to improve your healthy eating this month is to follow the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and keep up with the organization's MyPlate messages, convenient email updates with information on healthy eating.

Of course, eating healthier can have financial benefits. By avoiding overly processed foods, setting a strict grocery budget that only includes the essentials and buying more healthy cooking ingredients in bulk, you can ensure impulse spending doesn't jeopardize your budget.

Additionally, healthy eating over time reduces a family's health care expenses as well. If you have set yourself on a restricted budget and still are unable to make minimum payments on your debts, you should seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney at Atlas Law Firm by scheduling a free consultation.

As shown by this infographic, rebuilding your finances is a long road. And at Atlas Law Firm, we can provide the trustworthy bankruptcy information you need to get started. To begin your path to a strong financial future, reach out to an Anoka County bankruptcy attorney from our firm today.

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