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I Was Given Epidural For My C-Section And Now I Am Paralyzed On One Side, What Do I Do?

What is an epidural? An epidural is also known as a spinal block. An anesthesiologist will inject the patient on their back which will cause their lower-half of the body to become numb. The pregnant mother would not feel any pain, just the pulling sensation while the doctor makes an incision to take the baby out. This is a way that the mother can stay fully awake and aware of what’s going on and be able to see her baby come out, instead of being put to sleep.

Although an epidural has its benefits, it can also create risks if not administered properly. Epidural has a number of side effects some of those include:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Allergic reaction

When a woman becomes paralyzed by an epidural, it is known as spinal arachnoidids. Spinal arachnoidid is a disease that causes the membrane that surrounds that spinal column to become inflamed, leading to problems with the neurological system. It can not only affect a person physically, but it can also create an immense emotional trauma.  Becoming paralyzed because of an anesthesiologist’s mistake is devastating. A woman who goes into a cesarean section expects to come out of it well and happy with their new addition to their family.

The attorneys at Percy Martinez Law Firm understand how difficult becoming paralyzed can be. It drastically changes a person’s life. They will not longer be able to do the same activities as they did before. Holding these medical professionals responsible is the only way to regain some sense of hope back into the lives of these victims.

Mistakes That Can Happen During an Epidural

There are a few things that an anesthesiologist can do which can lead to a mistake during an epidural. Below will be listed some of those mistakes:

  • Giving the pregnant mother too much medication
  • Giving the mother a medication that she is hypersensitive to
  • Not injecting the needle in the right area of the spine
  • Not monitoring the mother’s and baby’s vital signs
  • Giving the mother an epidural while she is using anticoagulants
  • Giving the mother the epidural before she has had proper dilation.

Any of these mistakes can cause the mother an infant to suffer injuries. If a mother suspects that her injury was caused by a mistake during the administration of the epidural, she needs to seek assistance and learn what her legal options are.

Suffering a Debilitating Injury After an Epidural

A woman who suffered an injury during her epidural like paralysis needs to be compensated for her damages. It is very sad to learn that an expectant mother will not be able to do certain activities with their newborn child because of a medical professional’s negligence. Victims of these mistakes need to fight for their rights with a medical malpractice lawyer in the Tampa office of Percy Martinez. They will get what is owed to the victim.

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