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“What person of integrity ever wants to file bankruptcy? I certainly didn’t. But I found myself pinned against the wall and in the corner by just one vendor after my business failed. I’d managed to keep paying on my debt for almost 3 years when one vendor was no longer willing to play softball and insisted on playing hardball. This put me in an untenable situation and bankruptcy seemed like the only way out. I checked out several “bankruptcy law firms” and felt like I was dealing with charlatans, not someone who cared about me, my circumstances, my sense of shame at even considering bankruptcy. Then in an on line search I found Atlas Law Firm and Mike Sheridan. From the moment I met him I felt comfortable. I felt like he listened to me and empathized with my discomfort at considering bankruptcy. In that initial meeting he asked really good questions, articulated potential options and set me on a path to prepare for this legal process. I felt as if I had a wise partner willing to guide me through what seemed like very perilous waters to me. Mike was there every step of the way including after the court proceedings. I highly recommend Mike both for his legal skill and his ability to understand and empathize with me through what was a very difficult decision process. If you should find yourself in similar circumstances to mine you will find the perfect advocate in Mike Sheridan.”

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