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“A professional, thorough and fabulous attorney: When my business had to close, I was at a loss as to how to manage the significant debt that I was left with. Early on, I saw one attorney in the Twin Cities, and he actually had advised me to take everything out of my name, retire and avoid the creditors. Needless to say, that left me feeling quite depressed
Thankfully, I discovered Mike Sheridan. We spoke on the phone and he offered me hope and actual answers. I went to see him in our free consultation, and was completely confident in Mike Sheridan and his ability to get my bankruptcy handled.

We had many questions along the way, and Mike was consistently thorough, communicative, patient and in all ways, professional. My situation was a bit more complicated at times, and it was all handled calmly, professionally and well. I always felt the reassurance that happens when you KNOW your attorney is by your side, working hard for you. My stress level was reduced significantly because of the confidence he inspires and in all the ways he performed as my attorney.

I will always recommend Mike Sheridan for anyone needing his services in the future. I am so thankful I found him.”

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