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“My husband and I filed chapter 13 in North Carolina in December 2013, we moved to help our daughter to MN to help her with her daughter, so we had a decrease in our incomes, and could not keep up with the payment, so we were kicked out of program.

$5,000 paid to the lawyer and nothing had really been resolved after a year and a half. In December of 2014, we spoke to Michael Sheridan with Atlas Law Firm, and he was amazed that the lawyer in North Carolina had not told us to file Chapter 7.

After talking to him for 10 minutes I could tell that he cared and understood what we were feeling. We wasted a lot of time and money with the other lawyer. Michael filed our case on January 5th, went to court on February 2nd, our case was discharged as of April 6th. Michael did what we wanted done in in less than 5 months. Please, don’t hesitate to call Michael, I wish I had known him long before this, I can actually sleep at night for the first time in years.

Thank you Michael Atlas Law Firm”

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