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Just wanted to write you a short thank you! 
I have been struggling with debt for years, going backwards more and more each month trying to stay on top of all my bills. I have been dealing with an overwhelming amount of debt, but every month, I some how found a way to make all my minimum bills thinking one day I will figure a way out of it. I thought about filing for bankruptcy off and on but did not want too, for many reason such as my morals and beliefs. One day I came to realization that filing for bankruptcy is in fact my only way out and a second chance at rebuilding my credit and finances. 
When it came to selecting an attorney, I checked out several different firms on-line, met with a total of three in person and probably spoke to eight or more on the phone. What sold me about you, Atlas Law Firm was my initial phone call to you, asking basic questions. You were very polite, understanding and never once made me feel like I was bothering you or taking up your time. I’m a very hesitant person and I like to think about decisions a lot before making them, especially when they are life changing like This. I probably called you at least 3 times before we met in person and each and every time we spoke, you made me feel comfortable and that I was important.
I want to thank you for being very professional and making this process as easy as possible. 
Thanks for being a great attorney with passion. 
Your client 

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