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“Affordable, Professional & Trustworthy!!: I found Michael Sheridan online among a sea of attorneys. I had spoken to at least three attorneys prior to contacting him so I was apprehensive to say the least. One attorney took 7 days just to email me some information; another told me about fees etc BEFORE giving me any other information. The first time I spoke to Michael he gave me general information about the bankruptcy process and what I could expect and THEN talked about his fees. He told me that he would email me an information packet to fill out to start the case. I had the packet in my email within the hour. The packet was well-organized, clear and to the point. I had yet to meet Michael, but his professionalism and willingness to speak to me over the phone and give me information without having received a dime was reassuring so I took a chance on him. And I am glad I did! I dropped my packet and attorneys fees off to his office and still hadn’t met him so I was pretty nervous. I received a call from Michael approximately 3-4 days later telling me my case [was ready to be] filed and to meet him at his office to go over all of my paperwork. After that, he did not have to communicate with me until it was time for me to go to court but he did! He communicated with me EVERY step of the way; he gave me options and his opinion as to the best course of action. And what really let me know that Michael is a good guy: he recovered over $3000 in garnished funds for me and DID NOT CHARGE ME A PENNY EXTRA TO DO SO!! Every other attorney I spoke to said that they “might” be able to recover my money but would take 1/3 of whatever they recovered; Michael never mentioned charging anything extra unless he had to file additional paperwork which I had no problem paying him because of his straightforwardness up to that point. Michael got my money back for me and didn’t bat an eye! I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. If you want your case filed quickly, professionally and with an attorney that will actually respond to your questions and concerns and do his best to get you back on solid footing, Michael Sheridan is your guy. This is a true story!”

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