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“In searching for a lawyer to help me with my bankruptcy, I looked into several different firms and lawyers. I must say, the vast majority of the folks that I initially met with were not very helpful, not personable, and just seemed to be going through standard protocol. When I first met with Michael, I felt he was paying attention to me, was aware of the subtleties of my individual case, and knew bankruptcy law much better than everyone else with which I met (there were things that we had talked about at our first meeting that no other lawyer even mentioned). He made the process very clear, was thorough, and very upfront about everything. Yes, there was a lot of stuff to put together on my end, but Michael was great at e-mailing, providing me specific details about what I needed to send to him, and was generally very helpful throughout the whole process. Michael’s explanation of the process, from beginning to end, was very clear and everything that happened went just as he predicted. There were no surprises and things went very smoothly. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who is considering the bankruptcy process.”

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