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What Kind Of An Attorney Can Help To Resolve Wage Garnishment?

Bankruptcy attorneys can certainly help resolve a wage garnishment, especially when it comes to using the very powerful rights that you have through the bankruptcy code to (a) stop the garnishment, (b) resolve your debt situation and (c) possibly take back some of your garnished funds in the 90 days prior to filing. Not all people want to file bankruptcy as a solution to stop the garnishment. Clients can settle the debt with the creditors as well, so you would be looking for a bankruptcy attorney or an attorney that handles debt settlement.

Another type of attorney to look at would be a civil litigation attorney or somebody who handles consumer credit litigation. If you are interested in pursuing a motion to vacate the judgment or perhaps petition the court to a certain exemption after the 10 days have passed, you can certainly do so. While those are avenues, typically, when you look at it and how much you would be spending on legal fees to get that done versus how much you are saving from either stopping the garnishment or potentially vacating the judgment, the numbers are a little bit backward because of how much time and effort the attorney has to spend doing it.

So another benefit of bankruptcy is we have a flat fee program where our costs are very reasonable. Included within that package of services, through your bankruptcy, is getting your money back to you from the garnishment. For a lot of people, it’s a very easy decision because the bankruptcy is so efficient in resolving not only that particular garnishment; but if there are any other debts out there, it resolves all of them. Taking a holistic big picture solution, as opposed to this one particular issue at that particular time, is a much more cost-effective method because you are hiring somebody that is giving you a suite of services to address all the debts rather than taking an hour by hour charge while the meter is running to do these hearings, make these motions and draft these briefs and arguments, which can be very time-consuming. It really depends on your particular circumstances and what works best for you, and that is why we offer free consultations.

If you are struggling with a garnishment and wondering what might be the best option for you, it costs you nothing to sit down with me, go over your situation and have a road map with all your options, your pros and cons and what you can do.

What Sets You Apart In Handling Wage Garnishment Issues For Your Clients?

One of the things that sets me apart from a lot of other bankruptcy attorneys out there is I am very upfront about my fees. It’s a flat fee-based system. We strive to be affordable bankruptcy attorneys; we don’t want to try any bait and switch on people where you get this bargain basement number on the phone, you get in the office, and all of a sudden it’s a much higher number. We disclose all of our fees on the website, and we list the different fee structures that we have; essentially, the more complex that your case is, the more time we have to spend on it and hence the higher the fees at that point. I am very upfront about that because I know that people’s time is very valuable and I don’t want to waste their time.

There aren’t any other bankruptcy attorneys out there in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area that I am aware of that provide their fees in such an upfront way like we do. Another thing is when you hire me, you are getting an attorney that spends time on his clients’ cases. I don’t delegate things to legal assistants, paralegals or other younger attorneys in my office. When you meet with me, when you hire me, you get me. I work on your case from A to Z. I am the one who is answering your questions. I am the one who is answering your emails. I am the one who is drafting your case documents. I am the one who is representing you at the hearings.

There aren’t a lot of bankruptcy attorneys out there that run their practice that way. A lot of the bigger firms will compartmentalize their practice where you’ll meet with one attorney; and once you hire their firm, your file is transferred over to a team of paralegals or legal assistants who work on your case. If you’ve got a call, you might be routed to a different attorney, or you might talk to the legal assistant. When you go to the hearing, you might have a third attorney that you are meeting for the first time and may have no familiarity with your case. There is no continuity there.

You are not necessarily hiring that particular attorney; you are hiring their team of attorneys and assistants, and things can really get disjointed. That’s another benefit of hiring Atlas Law Firm as your bankruptcy law firm, and you will see that when you look at online reviews for bankruptcy attorneys. You will see that a lot of my clients really appreciate that I take the time to answer their questions, and I put a premium on responding quickly because I understand that this is a stressful situation for you, and you don’t want to wait two days for an answer because the attorney that you hired is busy meeting with somebody else. It’s really a benefit that my clients get that when they hire me.

Additional Information About Wage Garnishment In Minnesota

If you have a garnishment going on right now, it’s really going to start a domino effect in your life, and it will lead to more problems. It’s certainly something that you should be looking in terms of what solutions are available to you. That, again, is the reason why we offer those free consultations. We want to make sure that people who are struggling can come in and not have to worry about parting with a few hundred dollars just to get some legal advice and understand what’s going on. We can give you a detailed analysis of the situation, we can look at all your options, and you can make an informed choice if you want to pursue bankruptcy or not or seek whatever remedies there are out there for you; so the garnishment is stopped as soon as possible and you can start moving forward with your life and not be in a stressful area where you are wondering what is going to happen next.

For more information on Wage Garnishment Attorneys In Minnesota, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (763) 568-7343 today.

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