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Affordable MN Bankruptcy lawyer

Why Choose Atlas Law?

  1. Our Low Cost Flat Fee Program guarantees reasonable fees. Bankruptcy Cost
  2. Excellent Client Service. Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews
  3. Your Bankruptcy Case is handled by an attorney from the Free Consultation to the court order freeing you from debt. The Bankruptcy Process

How Bankruptcy Can Help?

Filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota can help you in several different ways. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you obtain debt relief and at the free consultation, the bankruptcy attorney will also help you understand the process of filing for bankruptcy.

  1. Stopping garnishments and bank levies immediately upon filing. In many cases, we can get a portion of the garnished funds returned to you.
  2. Ceasing the constant stream of letters and phone calls.
  3. Eliminating your liability for the debts without you losing your home, cars or any of your assets
  4. Holding creditors accountable for illegal collection practices
  5. Saving your home from foreclosure or stripping the second mortgage off of your home in certain circumstances.

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Why People File Bankruptcy


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Secrets Of Bankruptcy Survival In Minnesota

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About Attorney

Mike is a bankruptcy lawyer who founded Atlas Law Firm in 2012. Atlas Law Firm is a bankruptcy law firm where Mike focuses his practice on chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and debt settlement. Prior to Atlas Law Firm, Mike clerked for two Chapter 7 Trustees and also represented clients at one of the largest bankruptcy law firms in MN. He has years of experience assisting individuals and businesses with debt resolution. Mike was able to work with a Chapter 7 Trustee to allow his client to keep a Cesna personal airplane through bankruptcy. Mike counsels clients in real estate transactions including foreclosures, short sales and deeds in lieu with an eye towards eliminating liability and minimizing effect on credit. He also represents plaintiffs in consumer protection litigation including the fair debt collection practices act, the fair credit reporting act and foreclosure avoidance.

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