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The following reviews, testimonials and endorsements have been submitted by satisfied clients for the services offered by bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys at Atlas Law Firm in Minnesota. Our bankruptcy lawyers have been helping those in debt file for bankruptcy, taking the burden off them. To schedule your Free Initial consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys, call now!

“Filing for bankruptcy seems like an overwhelming and scary task. Michael Sheridan made the process as simple and stress free as humanly possible. He keeps you informed every step of the way, makes sure you thoroughly understand all of your options and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.”

- Tara

“I think Michael Sheridan is truly a decent guy who genuinely wants to help people. Very capable at what he does. Everyone at Atlas was great. 5 stars from me. They helped me get back on my feet in a kind, caring, and professional manner and at a reasonable price. Thanks for the help Atlas!!!.”

- John F.

“You could read all these reviews but save yourself some time and just call for your free consultation. After meeting with Michael you’ll know there’s no one better to represent you.”

- Lucas G.

“I used Atlas Law Firm to handle my bankruptcy Micheal did a fantastic job from start to finish. He answered every question I had and then some. I would most definitely recommend Atlas to handle your bankruptcy.”

- Linc H.

“I would definitely recommend Michael Sheridan at Atlas Law Firm. He was wonderful to work with. He was very knowledgeable and walks you through each step of the process.”

- Andrea

“Michael went above and beyond to help me with a very difficult situation. Very professional and personal service. I would not hesitate for a second to have a family member or friend call him.”

- CJ Edina

“We went through another lawyer who recommended is to do chapter 13. One and half years later and 20,000 paid back plus 5,000 for lawyers we moved couldn’t afford payments any more we were removed from program. Went to see Atlas law firm he was amazed the lawyer did not have us file Chapter 7!

Went to atlas law firm in December filed in January discharged in May!!

I highly recommend Michael Sheridan!!”

- Jerry & Charlotte

“Michael Sheridan was a great lawyer in my time of need. Bankruptcy is a horrible place to be financially and for me, was a horrible place to be emotionally. Michael treated me with dignity and respect. He was amazing to work with through the years of my Chapter 13. I recommend him and Atlas Law firm without reservations.”


“I was in a stress lost my car and was about to loss every thing I own. A friend refer me to Michael Sheridan the moment I explain to him what going on. He was so helpful and was up to date communicate on emails sometimes he called me. I got my life back thanks to him I would recommend anyone to use him.”

- Johannes

“Michael Sheridan and Atlas Law Firm made the bankruptcy process very smooth and painless. As you know bankruptcy can seem very scary and a lot of things associated with bankruptcy can be confusing, Michael made the process very simple and straight forward. He explained things in terms I could understand and was very helpful. I had been to another bankruptcy firm prior to retaining Atlas Law firm and I didn’t feel comfortable with their fees or their process they were going to charge me nearly twice the amount that Atlas charges for a simple straight forward bankruptcy and they were not helpful at all with regards to my creditors, I felt as though I would be doing all of the leg work for them while they sat back and collected a fee. Michael and Atlas on the other hand were the complete opposite they were extremely helpful and they handled things with my creditors for me. If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy I would highly recommend Atlas Law Firm.”

- Missy H.

“Atlas Law Firm was excellent and make the problems of this legal entity seem marginal at best.”

- John

“I had to file for bankruptcy and I had a ton of questions and wasn’t sure what needed to be done, was this the right choice, how would my credit look after this, how do I rebuild? Mike took the time to talk with me about each question and make me feel comfortable about what I needed to do. He is kind, caring and professional. I appreciate his help and so will you.”

- Mahamed S. A.

“I was very happy with Atlas Law Firm and Michael Sheridan as my attorney. I found him to be very knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and easy to work with. I especially appreciated his willingness to work with me on a payment plan for the fees, which no other firm was willing to do. He made sure that all details were covered and that I could move on without any worries. I would highly recommend Mr. Sheridan and his firm to family and friends without hesitation.”

- A Happy Client

“Mike is great with walking you through the process of bankruptcy and really being there for you every step if the way. Some factory style law firms will treat you like a transaction, but Mike really is there for you and helps you out. Have totally sent many people his way as well.”

- Mike D.

“Michael Sheridan made a challenging and hard situation as smooth and easy as possible. He looked at the entire picture, and was skilled at taking me through my bankruptcy step by step. Michael made it seamless, understandable and as stress-free as possible, as well.

I have recommended him and Atlas Law Firm over the past years and continue to do so. Those that I have suggested Michael Sheridan to have been equally as pleased. He is THE BEST attorney for any bankruptcy situation. I continue to be so happy that I chose Atlas!”

- Annette C.

“Things were always well explained and the responses to any questions were very prompt.

Extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable.

You’re in good hands!”

- Michelle

“When dealing with an unfortunate event in our life I couldn’t have asked for better support and honesty, Michael was professional and supportive. He always kept us informed on where things were going in our case. He pointed out things we wouldn’t have thought of to make sure we were getting a fair settlement. Thank you!!”

- Amanda G.

“Michael Sheridan was very professional non-judgmental helpful in every way possible during a very stressful and trying time which was extremely important.”

- Mark K.

“Choosing Atlas Law firm to handle my bankruptcy case was one of the best decisions I made. Michael Sheridan was extremely helpful and understanding of my situation. Once I gave Michael the facts and details regarding my situation he was extremely knowledgeable and reassured me on the process. My case was not the usual bankruptcy case but Michael was always there to let me know what was going on and what the next steps were going to be. After my case was settled I was never happier that I chose Atlas Law Firm and Michael Sheridan to represent me.”

- K.C.

“I previously hired a well-advertised bankruptcy lawyer from St. Louis Park. After nine months of providing consult and information gathering I was ready to file bankruptcy, instead I received a letter stating that there were facts in my case that made it difficult and that my lawyer was no longer willing to proceed. I sought a second opinion from Michael Sheridan and explained my situation and facts in detail. From my initial consult with Michael he was very clear and straightforward about bankruptcy law and how it applied to my individual situation, and what my legal rights and options were. I stated my objectives and timeline, he listened and was able to quickly and skillfully devise and advise a bankruptcy plan and confidently execute it. Michael was very accessible and communicated in a straightforward and timely manner. I would highly recommend Michael Sheridan to my friends or family!”

- A Satisfied Client

“My lawyer name was Mike. Great guy… loved him. I could ask him anything and tell him anything. He got things done quick and was VERY professional about it.”

- Rachelle P.

“Without Atlas Law Firm I would have lost my home and property which has been family owned for over the last 100 years.

They were always up front with costs and did what they said they were going to do.( What more can you ask for these days).

I will always tell my friends or family to use Michael Sheridan with Atlas Law Firm.

I was also impressed by the amount of phone calls and emails with questions I had along the way and how I was not charged or taken advantage of at the end of our case with Atlas Law Firm.

Thank you for helping us.

We are now on the right track again.”

- Mike V.

“I had a very smooth experience. The firm was very helpful and patient towards me. Explained everything in detail, was there whenever I had any questions. Overall I have a good experience with my case and would recommend anyone who are looking to use Atlas Law Firm."

- A Satisfied Client

“I used Michael Sheridan’s services to help me with filing for bankruptcy. He made the entire experience clear and comfortable. I always knew what to expect for the next step, and it was easy to provide him with the information that he required. I felt confident throughout the process that everything would go smoothly and was never disappointed. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.”

- Rich B.

“Honestly couldn’t have ask for anything more was very well taken care of. Went above and beyond my expectations would recommend to anyone.”

- Mike

“Good service and fast”

- Teresa

“I would recommend Mr. Sheridan to anyone. He was very willing to answer all my questions promptly and I felt he was quite personable and professional.”

- Leslie D.

“Michael Sheridan was my attorney for my bankruptcy case. He was patient and listened to my situation. The bankruptcy process was thoroughly explained and then I was given my options. All the fees for the process were made known at the beginning of the process so there weren’t any unexpected fees. I highly recommend Atlas Law Firm.”

- Victoria

“Bankruptcy isn’t an easy decision to make but thanks to our attorney at Atlas Law Firm, we were well informed every step of the way. We were treated with respect and received the support we needed to get through a difficult time.”

- Shannon

“Michael was really easy to work with and took all the stress off of me. His explanations were clear and he works very quickly. I am most impressed by his turn around time to respond whenever I had a question. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

- Bailey