Financial Freedom Begins With a Call
Atlas Law Firm Jan. 12, 2023

Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer Review: “I Know how Fortunate We Were to Have Had Michael’s Expertise & Help.”

As is typical for a young couple, my wife and I went through some financially trying times throughout our 37 years of marriage. Being self-employed in the residential construction industry brought additional challenges. However, we finally reached a comfortable living and were looking forward to slowing down in our later years. When construction and the economy declined to such a low, we began liquidating everything we could to meet our obligations. Struggling harder than at any time in our lives and after several years with little opportunity of work, we lost most all we had.

We had reached our lowest point and our future was not looking good. Losing our home became more than a real possibility. After our initial meeting with Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer Michael Sheridan we felt the first signs of relief with the possibility of having a future in years.

Though I can be very challenging while trying to understand the processes, Michael’s patience, encouragement, advice, and professionalism was outstanding throughout the entire process. After learning how friends faired in similar circumstances, I know how fortunate we were to have had Michael’s expertise & help. I would highly recommend Michael Sheridan to anyone in need of his services, Michael, you have given our family a chance to rebuild with an opportunity to have a future again. We cannot thank you enough. Sincerely, T&C


What Do I Bring to The Meeting of Creditors?  -

There are 2 things you must do after your case is filed: (1) attend the meeting of creditors (aka the 341 hearing); and (2) complete a debtor’s education course via phone within 75 days from the date your case was filed. The 341 hearing is sometimes referred to as the meeting of creditors because your creditors can attend the meeting and ask you questions about the information contained in your petition.

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