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Atlas Law Firm Jan. 11, 2023

Use the Bankruptcy Laws to Protect Your Income from Garnishment

Benefits of Bankruptcy in Stopping Garnishment: 

  • Wipe out the judgment for the cost of our reasonable flat fee.

  • Stop the Garnishments for good. 

  • Protect your assets from creditors and the court. 

  • Rebuild your credit faster than by paying off the judgment. 

The Bankruptcy Laws are designed to protect you.

We can use the Court Order issued on the date your bankruptcy case is filed to stop the garnishment. 

If the garnishment has already begun, we often times can get some or all of the money returned to you.

The debts are wiped out and you get a fresh start and can rebuild credit much more quickly than you assume. 


What Do I Bring to The Meeting of Creditors?  -

There are 2 things you must do after your case is filed: (1) attend the meeting of creditors (aka the 341 hearing); and (2) complete a debtor’s education course via phone within 75 days from the date your case was filed. The 341 hearing is sometimes referred to as the meeting of creditors because your creditors can attend the meeting and ask you questions about the information contained in your petition.

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