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New Bankruptcy Means Test Numbers starting April 1, 2016

Download Full Image The U.S. Trustee Department is releasing new Census Bureau Median Family Income By Family Size numbers to be used in all Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy means test calculations for cases filed after April 1, 2016. Above are the numbers for all U.S. states and territories.

Automatic Payment Withdrawal Forms for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payments

Attached are the automatic bank withdrawal request form and the automatic paycheck deduction form. Contact the chapter 13 trustee’s office at 612-338-7591 (Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro) or 218-354-7356 (Greater Minnesota) if you have additional questions. Downloads FORM Bank Wthdrwl ch 13 – Carlson.pdf FORM Wage Deduct ch13 – Carlson.pdf FORM Bank Wthdrwl ch13 – Burrell.pdf FORM Wage Deduct ch 13 – Burell.pdf The chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees for Minnesota allow chapter 13 filers to make their chapter 13 plan payments via automatic bank withdrawals and automatic paycheck deductions. Automatic payments are not required. Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers can elect to… Read More

Bankruptcy Form: Objection to Claim – Chapter 13

This bankruptcy form Notice of Objecton to Proof of Claim and Notice of Hearing and Objection to Claim can be used in Chapter 13 bankruptcy by a debtor’s attorney to object to the proof of claim of a creditor who has overstated the amount due. Downloads DOWNLOAD BANKRUPTCY FORM As a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, you must review the claims of your clients’ creditors to ensure that the claims are approximately correct. This is especially true of priority debts, such as some tax liabilities that are not dischargeable. This particular Objection to Claim was to object to the claim of… Read More

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